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What Do I Mean By Spirituality?

Spirituality and religion are two separate things. Religion is quite a complex concept. It may be what is right for you right now and that is perfect. I'm not here to change your mind. Whatever you hold in your heart as your spiritual force is yours to choose. 

If you've left a religious community behind because it was no longer suiting your needs then you may be missing a community and are wondering what to do about your spiritual journey. There's plenty to learn! Finding your spiritual path is an ongoing purpose for all of us. If this type of knowledge is a thirst for you, then give me a call. I love teaching spirituality and our place in the cosmos. Finding your path is unique to you. 

I've had the privilege of receiving decades of education in some beautiful countries with wonderful teachers giving me a wealth of knowledge and access that I am honored to share with the students who thirst.

Watch my blog for more to read on this topic. 

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