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What's In An Affirmation?

What is in an affirmation and what makes it work?

An affirmation is a small goal. It’s a goal measured in minutes or as long as a day. It often repeats but is meant to be meaningful as long as you feel your perspective is skewed and can use a small correction. When you feel your direction, attitude or compass is “off” it’s time to cue the affirmation.

An affirmation is a lovely way to cut to the chase and give yourself the boost you need to get through the next day, the next hour, or the next minute.

What does an affirmation contain?

1. An affirmation embraces a completely positive message that contains an action verb and immediacy. Use verbs like “am” “is” or “do”. Avoid auxiliary verbs like “can" “could" “will" “may” or “might”. These Affirmations immediately change the tone from “I can do it” to “I am doing it.” Put yourself into this moment. Make the action immediate.

2. An affirmation turns a negative thought upside-down. Instead of thinking “I will stop thinking _______” replace it with, “I am thinking ________.” “I will stop thinking negatively” becomes “I am thinking positively.” Trying to stop your brain from thinking negatively doesn’t work by throwing it into reverse. You have to create a whole new road!

3. An affirmation is specific to the thought pattern you’re unhappy with. If you’re aware that you’re tired of being anxious about what your boss is going to say today to upset you, address it specifically in your affirmation. “I am strong enough to withstand any negative criticism today.”

If you want to cover more territory try, “I am stronger than I think I am.”

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