Forms and Payment

Payment for counseling services is due at the time of service. I accept payment via check, cash, or major credit card.


My fee structure is centered on a mid-line fee of $90 for a 60-minute session ($93 if you choose to use a credit or debit card). I am flexible on fees if you are earning a lower than average income level or are on a fixed income from disability.


As is true with many psychotherapists working individually, I don't accept insurance. 

Keep in Mind! Individual counseling and classes are eligible expenses for reimbursement from your HSA (Health Savings Account) or FSA (Flexible Spending Account)! Many people choose this path in their insurance and it comes in rather handy when using counseling and other forms of healthcare that are either outside typical healthcare choices or have very limited coverage.


Intake Form (needed on 1st day of counseling.)

Contract for Services (Please read ahead of your first counseling session so there will be no surprises.)

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