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Where do you go from here?

You've probably already discovered that depression is one of those mysterious conditions. It often defies logic. There's every reason in the world we "should" be happy. But we're not. We feel helpless, lethargic, unhappy...

What to do? Hopefully you've checking with your physician to make sure there isn't something going on inside your body that you just haven't discovered or considered. Some simple blood tests will rule out the most obvious contenders.

If everything checks out your doctor may have offered antidepressants. If you've already chosen that direction you have figured out that doesn't fix everything. There are some tactics to learn to help control anxiety, unwanted thoughts, and other programming we've received over the years from family and community.

Tactics are the name of the game. We need to find what works for you. Give me a call and we'll take on that challenge together. You don't have to manage this alone.

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