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How long has that 
been a problem?

Chronic disease is exhausting. Have you ever considered that a partial explanation lies in the amount of stress in your life? "I can't control that!" you say. Oh, but you can! You just have to be willing to learn some new skills. Stress is a lot like.bad habit. It's a way of behaving that we've always known and know no other way to handle the situation. It's only because you've never been taught that you can learn new ways of behaving. 

Certainly, it takes some work. So did tying your shoes when you were a child. It's not that different. This is all in the science of creating new neural pathways. Changing a bad habit is all in creating a new habit. Figure out what to do and you'll have it made.

The best way to approach a chronic condition is treating the stress around it. Will that cure you? There's no way to tell until you try. It certainly can't hurt and you may just realize you feel better for it and wish you had taken the time to learn before now!

Come on and give a call! Feeling better is worth it!

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