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Anxiety is one of the things we know a lot about in the physical realm. We know the parts of the brain affected; we know the chemicals of the body used for all of the processes. Anxiety is now has scientifically significant studies in the medical realm. We also know how best to work with people with anxiety in a therapeutic realm.


Anxiety and stress have thousands of medical and psychological studies to back up the theories that they cause any number of physical and emotional problems. As communication and travel in our world speeds up, so do our expectations. As our expectations of ourselves and others increase, anxiety increases.

The words anxiety and stress are not necessarily interchangeable although it’s something we as U.S. citizens tend to do. Anxiety is often the action of feeling “stressed out”. However, feeling stressed is not necessarily anxiety. Anxiety is something that tends to take on a life of its own and begins to feel as if it owns your mind and your body. Your heart rate may increase with no explanation. You may feel chest pain, stomach pain, get ulcers, clench your jaw, have interrupted sleep patterns and more.

If you suffer one or more of those symptoms you are probably one of the many people who live with an ongoing case of generalized anxiety. There are many doctors to prescribe a lot of prescriptions for the anxiety ridden. The better idea, however, is to address the anxiety itself.

It’s a little like carving out a small ditch from a large deep and heavy flowing river. In the beginning it feels a little agonizing when you’re removing mud one shovel-full at a time. Pretty soon the flowing water starts to remove that silt and mud for you. When you’ve got a good enough stream running off the river it’s easier and easier until you diverted the entire river because you’ve decided that destination called “Anxiety” isn’t the place you want to visit anymore!

Call me at (970) 682-0071 and leave a message. We can set up a 20-minute phone consultation to see if we make a good fit. I look forward to talking with you!

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